Fine Art School Portraits

This is a modern approach to yearly class photos. 

We use a black background to achieve a sense of style and timelessness.

We want to capture the uniqueness of your child and we will not force them to smile neither ask them to pose in unnatural ways. 

We aim to achieve natural, lively and spontaneous images that you will be proud to display in your home.

How does it work?

We go to the school in a previous arranged and fixed date. We bring our own equipment and personal. We do our magic interacting and capturing those unique images of the students. 

Two weeks later parents will receive an email (yes, we are environmentally conscious and do not want to waster paper) a link to a private online gallery with their photos. 

In that gallery, each student will have between 2-5 final edited high resolution images, in both color and black & white. 

Parents can choose between digital downloads, prints in different sizes and canvas, they can place the order online in the same platform. 

School will receive all the ordered photos to distribute between the students.  

What does the school need to provide?

This photography style works better with natural light, as it allows students to relax and be themselves not feeling the pressure of the flash.

For the above reason we ask the schools to provide us with a space with a window, it does not necessary need to be big, we are used to working in small spaces. 

Are these images expensive?

We have competitive rates and nothing is due up front, all profit is made from ordering. 

We offer a variety of collections and a-la-carte products to fit everyone's needs.


CLICK HERE to download a sample price sheet (*please note, prices are subject to change). 

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