School photos are a rite of passage and an anticipated milestone in the year. Unfortunately, more often than not, children are portrayed feeling awkward and uncomfortable. They just don’t look like the bright, clever and special individuals that they are. That’s why I have a different approach. I capture natural and lively images where unique personalities truly shine through. I turn functional images into treasured portraits to be proud of.

Fine Art School Portraits

How does it work?

  1. Your school confirms my School Photography Service. Please click here to make an enquiry or booking.

  2. I bring all my own equipment, including backdrops, cameras and any additional lighting, to the school, and work my magic photographing your students.  

  3. Two weeks after the photography session, parents will receive an email link to a private online gallery where they can view their child’s photos. Each child will receive between two and five edited, high-resolution final images in colour and in black and white. Parents can order additional prints in a variety of different sizes and on canvas, by placing an order online. 


Portraits where personality truly shines through

What does the school need to provide?

This photography style benefits from natural light, which also helps children to feel more relaxed and comfortable. I kindly request a space near a window. I’m used to working in small spaces, so it doesn’t need to be a large area.


I offer competitive rates. I do not ask for a financial commitment upfront or for a sitting fee, and only charge for photo orders. To download my order price sheet*, please click here.


*Prices are subject to change.

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