I have the superpower

to pause and eternalize your NOW
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We both know that: 

- all we have is the present

- your phone is full of images of your kids but the only ones where YOU are in are selfies or not looking at your best

- you have promised yourself to finish that album you have started last year and

- you still want to print that silly photo that makes you smile every time you check your phone...


I am here to help you

Because life is hectic and busy and in one blink your little one that was crawling yesterday, looses his first tooth today. Blink again and he asks you to not kiss him in front of his friends.

“Ayelen is not just a gifted photographer, she is a beautiful human being. The evening that we got to spend with her was magical, she brought out the best in each one of us, made us comfortable and saved those memories in the most beautiful way possible. The ease with which she clicks her photos and creates such beautiful memories is really a treat for the eyes. My daughter who usually never smiles for the camera and gives a poker facer was so happy and playful in the pictures is poof of the fact that Ayelen knows what she is doing.“



I am looking for people who wants to make their moments of pure magic, love and togetherness tangible for years to come and who are willing to invest in custom-made ART work.

Photography + Film packages

All my films packages also includes digital and printed images and its starts from 8500HKD

* An extra transportation fee of 300HKD would be charge for HK Island locations, and 500HKD for Discovery Bay and islands.

Photography packages

All my packages start with a session fee of 2000HKD which include: 

- Pre consultation 

- Scouting of location for outdoor session or studio location 

- Stylist advise 

- Pre-photoshoot preparation

- Photoshoot between 60 to 90 minutes

After seeing your heart-melting images you will be able to choose between 3 packages starting from 3800HKD, all my packages include: 

- Digital images in high resolution

- Complimentary print credit for you to use in my store as you wish investing in atemporal custom-made art

* An extra transportation fee of 300HKD would be charge for HK Island locations, and 500HKD for Discovery Bay and islands.

“There are services providers and there there is Aye. A petite 5 foot 2 inch powerhouse of happiness, joy and talent. She was professional to a fault. Punctual, keep up to every single timeline promised. Including delivery of the images. Finished a family photoshoot with multiple beautiful images in 30 minutes flat. We didn't even realize when the shoot started and finished. In the summer heat of Hong Kong and with a six year old in tow it was the most perfect and easy outdoor experience. She asked us for a concept, gave us several options and followed through with much more than what we had expected. With her it wasn't just the pictures but the

whole experience that was such a pleasure.



Let me catch your moments now, so your future yourself will thank you later.

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“Ayelen was responsive and helpful as we planned our shoot and on the day was so welcoming and natural with the family, kids (and dog!) to make everyone feel at ease. The photos reflect the relaxed atmosphere and the fun afternoon.“