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Lifestyle Photography &Film

Effortlessly Capturing the Beauty of Family

Every family has its own dynamics: from couples making one another laugh, to the shared bond of siblings, or the gentle love of a parent admiring their newborn.

Family is one of the greatest sources of inspiration for my work. Whether your family is big or small, loud or quiet, my lifestyle photography is about capturing those small moments of pure magic that happen when people who love each other are together. Find out more about my lifestyle photography:



I want to discover what you desire for your lifestyle photography. Share your ideal setting, where you imagine hanging these photos, what you do or don’t want to do. I will find the most perfect way to capture the magic of your “everyday”.

Discovery Call


[Family Film Package] Showcase Example:



Prior to our shoot, I will prepare some details and advice on what to expect, what to bring, and what to wear. You can rest easy knowing I don’t do posing and I can get even the grumpiest family member to crack a smile!

Pre-shoot Period



Photography Session

The day of our shoot is here! Today is the big day where we explore our designated location together, and I work my magic. 


We will chill, have fun, whisper, hug and go with the flow to become this experience in a remarkable day.


If you include the film focus, I will hang out a little longer with you and your family, capturing the little but significant details of your family’s “everyday”.

Film + Photography Session


Production Time 

(two weeks from Photography Session)

During this time, I sort, edit and process the photos. 


Production Time 

(between 4-6 weeks for Film + Photography Session)

During this time, I will choose the perfect song to fit your family, and I will sort, edit, color grade to produce a beautiful story that captures the time we spent together.



Final Outcome

(Photography Session only) I will invite you to view an online slideshow of your family’s photos, which contains the final edition of your images, you can choose your package after seeing the images. You may visit the online store to order different prints or photo albums. 

(Film + Photography Session) I will invite you to view an online gallery of your family’s film and photos, which contains between 25-30 photos and a 2-3 minutes film. 

The Tan Family
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What is your turnaround time for pictures, albums, canvas?

For digital images, the turnaround time is a maximum of two weeks from the photoshoot date.

For prints, delivery time changes depending of each product.

How many pictures do we receive?

Depending on the package you chose, 10 digital images is the minimum included and the maximum (or all images) is usually between 40-70 unique final images.

All the packages include complimentary printing credit.

Where are you based or do you work?

I am available to go all throughout Hong Kong!

I have worked in different locations and can suggest stunning locations near your home if you prefer to minimize travel. Please kindly note: I do have a transport fee charge outside the Sai Kung/Clearwater Bay area.

What are the costs?

I like to keep things simple, I charge a fix sitting fee of 2000HKD and have 3 different packages to adapt to different needs and budgets, all of them including printing credit*, please click here to know more.


*Prices are subject to change.

Do you delivery .raw or unedited images?

No, I do not deliver .raw or unedited images, I consider my work as an artist in unfinished in the raw images.

How long do you keep .raw images ?

I keep .raw files for a month after the final gallery is live. 

I strongly recommend clients to have a back up of their final digital images.


Have more questions?

I want to hear them. Drop me a message below!

Thank you for message, I will be in touch soon!

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