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3 reasons to keep taking profesional photos when your kids are teenagers

Gorgeous family of 4 with two teenager girl on a photoshoot on the city

We, mamas, always talk about how quick time flies when our children are little, how long days are but how short years seems, we take thousands of photos of them to remember every day, every new thing they learned, each little detail, ok, let's be honest, the amount of photos and videos we take is inversely proportional if he/she is our first, second, third... child, yep, I am guilty of it!

And the time keep passing, one day you wake up and instead of your little girl or boy you see two almost adults, and the photos get less frequent, and when you get them, they are quite staged, or with that stop-taking-photos-mum face.

Two young ladies posing near the Hong Kong skyline

So today I am writing to the mothers with older kids, here some reasons why you need to keep taking family photos with them:

1- The know how to be in front of the camera, and most of them, are really comfortable with it. The new generations have grown surrounded with phones, cameras, record gadgets... believe me they know their angles plus they will get gorgeous photos after the photoshoot to show off with their friends so it is a win win for them ;).

2- They can understand why this is important for you, plus it can be fun, relaxing and a great excuse to bond as a family without digital distractions.

3- You also want to remember them during this stage, that mix between seeing their children faces but also those first signs of adulthood.

Dad and mother in the first plane with two teenagers daughters on the background

But the main reason why you need to be in the photos with your teenagers is because you love them, and the ways of showing it might be more subtle when the years pass by but I am sure the feeling is growing stronger with the years too.

Are you ready to start planning your photo experience? It will be stress-free, judgment free and not posed but above everything it will be fun ;)

Happy photoshooting,



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