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Newborn Outdoor Session

Are you looking for something a little more creative and original to capture your newborn baby? Do you have a stunning location near your place? Are you in for a little adventure and some fresh air? Are you and outdoor kind of family?

Family of 3 with a newborn baby being photograph outdoor

If the answer to the above questions is yes! You are a perfect fit for a newborn outdoor session ;)

This kind of session are a little add on to your standard lifestyle newborn photoshoot, we start at your place and after we got all those cuddles, kisses and baby solos portraits we go to a near outdoor area at your neighborhood, Hong Kong is stunning to take photos all around so, I am sure, it does not matter where you are based there is a great place for takes photos near by ;).

Close up portrait of gorgeous baby girl sleeping peacefully on his dad's arms

Pros of this kind of session include beautiful Golden Hour light, seeing your older kids wandering around and discovering treasures, or furry members being happy outdoor and enjoying the sunshine.

The best time to do these sessions is during spring and autumn, when the weather is not too cold neither too hot for the little babies.

Beautiful mother and daughter laughing with joy on the Golden Hour.

Being outdoor also allow to be more present in the moment and embrace the natural interactions between all the family members.

Ready to be creative and get an out-of-the-box newborn session?

Happy photo shooting,



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