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Self Portraits Diary

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

I have been trying to write this post for a few weeks now, but it seems than the fairies of words were not coming in my help every time I sat on my chair, it is more difficult when I want to write something personal instead of something related to what I specialize in (I can write hundreds of posts related to photography).

Mother carrying baby on her arms while both looking at the camera
Ayelen Alcover and her younger son K

If you know me, either personally or through this global networking, you might know by now how important it is for me the photography and capturing memories, it is the way to pause the now, the good and bad, the instant that we are living and make it eternal.

But today I am coming with a confession, my little boy, K, is almost 10 months, he is the third child and I have to admit that, even I am enjoying him equally as the two older siblings, I am more conscious now how fast time flies and suddenly I saw him sitting one day (too early for my motherly instincts that want to carry him longer), then he was crawling and standing and I am sure the next time I blink my eyes he will be walking... time is a thief and I want to enjoy every little second with him but at the same time, here my confession, I am not taking as many photos and videos as I did with G & L, why? may be because my hands are always full or may be because he is the third one and I learnt my lesson that less is more sometimes.

Around his 8th to 9th month he was going through a mental leap (thanks Wonder Weeks app to help me keep my sanity!) and was a long one, sleepless night and early mornings to keep up with the older kids schedule, we were still in lockdown from the 5th wave, some professional challenges on my family and new structures, the world situation in general, climate change anxiety... it was (is) upsetting times; but I woke up one morning determined to capture some beautiful images with my young boy, why? Because for me art (in its wide definition) and photography in particular is therapy, it is a way to capture that instant of joy even in the hardest and sad times.

Photography is the way I shape my world allowing me to see beauty even in drastically changing times as ours.

Mother kissing her baby boy on the cheek
Ayelen and her son K

Self portraits has been a great tool to help me experiment, create and expand my techniques, it also helped me to conciliate with the new image the mirror show me back after three pregnancies, the photos in this serie has not been retouched either the body shape or skin, I want them like this: raw, natural and a tribute to my softer belly and wider hips.

I like to think of myself as a storyteller and I want to tell your story through the images, a good one or a bad one, let's create together.

What is that moment you would like to freeze forever?

¡Hasta la próxima!



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