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What to expect at a beach photoshoot with Ayelen

Yes, I am happier by the sea, I am a beach person, if you feel at your element with barefoot feet on the sand this post if for you :).

Your barefoot feet touching for first time that grainy sand, that warm sunshine ray hitting your face so soft that you need to close your eyes to fully appreciate the moment, the soothing and rhythmic sound of the waves going forward and back, your loved one giggle in the background and that little voice saying: Look mama I found a shell!

Those are the sensations I want you to remember when you finish the session with me, and here goes some points of what to expect in a beach photoshoot:

  • It is going to be sandy: I know this might seems obvious but if you do not like sand I will recommend you to choose another location. I will ask you to sit on the floor, play with your kids and your partner, do races, tag games, etc.

  • Your children might finish getting in the water: yes! I love this! And it is usually how I finish my beach sessions, we can’t go to the beach and fully enjoy it if you don’t dip into the ocean, so please bring spare clothes.

  • It is going to be relaxing: did you know that staring at the ocean actually changes our brain waves’ frequency and puts us into a mild meditative state; the smell of the ocean breeze also contributes to your soothed state, which may have something to do with the negative ions in the air that you’re breathing in. This stress free time will help you and your family to be your authentic self and it will allow me to capture your uniqueness.

  • Your kids will love it! Children are happier outdoor, plus I scout my locations thinking of them and having different levels of entertainment and interest to make it fun and safe for the little ones.

I know after reading the above you are thinking, when is the best time to book a beach session? It is now! Do not let moments pass by, waiting for the perfect time, getting in shape, changing home… present is so futile and powerful that we don’t realize how much it value until it is gone.

Ready to capture your family memories at the beach?

Happy photoshooting,


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