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Why you should add a family film to your next photoshoot

Choosing a photoshoot with the addition of a family film is something you won’t regret doing. Why would you not want to revisit your baby’s first steps, see your toddler ride their first bike, or remember your child in their first-ever school uniform?

With Ayelen Alcover Photography, you have the opportunity to capture your loved ones’ most precious moments in motion.
With Ayelen Alcover Photography, you have the opportunity to capture your loved ones’ most precious moments in motion.

Just imagine the future. Your baby all grown up already. You start flicking through the pages of that album we created together all those years ago, remembering, on that particular day, that you also decided to capture your family in movement. Pressing play on the video, you allow the music and film to roll, seeing the portraits in motion. Happiness and emotion seize you as you see your child in action, hearing them laugh in that cute little way they always used to…

Why not allow yourself to relive this exact special moment in the future through an artistic film, increasing the emotional value of your photoshoot? This feature can help reflect your family story more broadly and memorably, whilst your family will also share your love for seeing themselves in a movie of the past.

Baby boy hugging his mother while both laying on the ground in a candid moment
Yes, you still with have stunning photos from the session, full of emotion and love

Technology has made possible that almost everyone has a phone with a camera to capture photos and videos, but most of the times, those files stay there (in our phone) or in the computer. We usually do not go back to them, and when we do, we get loose in hundred of short videos or thousands of photos, plus, let's be honest, in most of them, we, mamas, are not there. This is why, create family films totally changed the way I see and document life, because a family film is not an isolated clip, it tells a story of those characters that appears in the screen, when I see the videos I have made for my family or clients is like going back in the time, I feel like I am going inside of a memory and living it again.

Young mother breastfeeding her baby boy while he extend his little finger to call for her attention
This image makes me teary every time I see it, it reminds me of those breast-feeding days when my little ones play with their finger on my hair

Baby boy smiling while walking on the mountains
Can this little one smile be cuter?

And the best thing? This unique feature doesn’t require any extra time during your photoshoot!

Not convince yet, watch this family video I did, as an addition for their photoshoot, for this gorgeous family while we explore the mountains in Ma O Shan, Hong Kong.

Ready to book your family video? Want to know more about it? Leave a comment here or send me an email :) Can you really put a price on family memories?

Happy photoshooting,


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