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Wrapping up 2022

Hola! Here we are finishing the most magical month of the year, yes, I am a big fan of magical moments and traditions (we have way too many at home at the moment) and with the arrival of December also is time to do those typical statistics of what the year looked like.

I do love numbers, and I think that statistics are important but I prefer stories over numbers, always have been a lover of letters ;). So to wrap up my 2022 here are some stories that I had the honor to capture (in order to keep the privacy of my clients pictures included are not related to the stories detailed below):

-I photograph a cancer survivor and her gorgeous family, we wandered around Hong Kong Island and she proudly got some photos with her bald head.

- I got the chance of meeting a lot of families with either three kids, yep, I looove the magical chaos of family of five being outnumbered for the children, and I totally get them. Am I the only one that feel a boom on natality after covid?

- I capture by first set of newborn twins, and if one newborn is cute imagine when you double the happiness, they both were rock stars and we had a stress-free session in location.

- Photographed a bimother whose children were born through surrogate pregnancy, it is a truly inspiring story.

- Capture an extremely cute boy with two mothers, and they explained to me all the paperwork they needed to do here to inscribe him as child of them both, I could not believe this is still happening in 2022, I only saw love.

- Was so lucky to witness lots of grandparents visiting their grandkids for first time in three years, what a wonderful feeling! And of course, I captured them to make eternal these memories for the years to come.

- Families with teenagers are hiring me more and more lately, and I am so happy for it, you do not need to stop capturing your memories when they grow up, you still want to remember them in all their stages.

- Had to say ¡Hasta pronto! to three really close friends and I might have cried seeing their farewell photos in the slideshow.

- Was honored to get all the smiles and jokes from the students of the four schools I have photographed this year.

- I met empowered women and we build together stunning headshots and branding images. They inspired me with their stories.

- Saw the transformation into Godess to lots of mums-to-be through my lenses, what an honor! And most of them said to me were not photoghenic or comfortable in front of the camera.

And just to put the cherry on top of the cake, Argentina won the Footbal World Cup :)

2022 you have been a wonderful year, and yet I have the feeling the best is still to come, I am ready for your 2023.

´¡Felices Fiestas!


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