Ayelen Alcover Lifestyle Photography. Couple and little girl at the park having fun.

Capture the imperfectly perfect moments


¨Scientists say we are made of atoms, but a little bird told me that we are made of stories.¨

Showcase Example of Family Fun Package:

The Tan Family Film 

The Tan Family loves sports, spending time outdoors and doing fun activities together.

Together we discussed what moments were important to capture and decided the best time was the afternoon. I went with them to one of their favorites places, the club, then after to their home and finally to their secret spot, a lovely bay near their home.

We had so much fun together and those 3 little girls filled the air with joy and clever questions. I was able to capture the fun, active and, most importantly, all the love they have for each other.

Father and his three daughters finding treasures at the beach.
Cat and her owner patting him
Mother holding her daugther in her arms while she naps in the car

 "I find magic in your mundane and spontaneous moments so you can have images full of emotion and connection to fill your soul for years to come!"

Hi, I’m Ayelen.

A little about me. I was born in Argentina and grew up in an artistic family. My fascination with wanting to draw with light led me to study cinema production; and my love of family led me to become a proud mum to my son and daughter.


Today, I consider myself a citizen of the world who embraces the contrasts within. I’m a dulce de leche croissant on fine porcelain tea ware, pá amb tomaquet (tomato on bread) on a picnic blanket in the sunshine, the scent of wet grass after rain, and a colourful South American harvest in March.


I believe that our characters are the result of unique experiences: projects, places, books, sensory interactions, cultures and more. Every day, these pieces fit together to create the brilliant and complex puzzles that are us.

I can't wait to meet you.

Photography is how I discover and celebrate contrasts in others. It is my passion to share in and capture your story.


Let's Capture Your Memories