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I believe people is the result of experiences, projects, places, books, smells, tastes, colours... Day after day all these factors define us, building the brilliant and complex puzzle that the human being is... I was born in Argentina, but I consider myself a citizen of the world, I am a little red, black and blue, a bit of the Dulce Daniela by V. Heredia, I am "dulce de leche croissants" and "pá amb tomaquet", the scent of wet grass after the rain and also the harvest of south-american March.

I grew in a family who breathes art... music, drawing, painting. Even since I was a child I wanted to draw with light... I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Cinema Production and afterwards was enlightened by my experience in teaching young kids. Years later I became a proud mum of a baby boy and a girl make our family bigger (and happier) two years later. All these experiences led me to pursue my passion in photography.


"Scientists say we are made of atoms, but one little birdie told me we are made of stories" - Eduardo Galeano


Let us capture these stories with light!



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